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Learn about UNC Free Application Days! 

When you start a new application, you will be asked select the application type that applies to you. To save time in the process, if you aren't sure which application is right for you, review the how-to-apply pages and locate your student type first. 

Apply to UNC through the Common App

All first-year undergraduate applicants can apply to UNC through the Common App.

Learn more about the application process

Where do I start?

View our How to Apply page or contact us and we can help you  determine which application and student type to select based on your goals and experiences. Selecting the right application and student type will help to avoid delays in the process.  

 What's my application status? 

Upon submission, login to your student portal to view your personalized checklist of required materials. You can also view your assigned counselor and request a 1:1 appointment any time. 

Where is my decision?  

Once we have received all required application materials, we will typically have a decision to you in two weeks, or less. Login to your portal to view your decision in real-time, 24-7-365.