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UNC Mission

Like all Colorado public universities, UNC’s mission is established in state law. Our statutory mission notes that we: 

  • Are a comprehensive baccalaureate and specialized graduate research university with selective admission standards;
  • Are the state’s primary institution for degree programs that prepare educators;
  • Offer master’s and doctoral programs primarily in the field of education;
  • Have the responsibility to offer graduate programs for educators statewide; an
  • Fulfill our graduate research university mission in part with our Education Innovation Institute.

The Mission and Values adopted in 2000 by our Board of Trustees are broader and more descriptive than our statutory mission. Prior to 2000, the Board-adopted mission was a general statement of the university’s focus on educating students and improving the quality of life in the state and region.  

We also revised our values in 2000. Consistent with values expressed throughout the institution’s history, they express a commitment to excellence, teaching and learning, diversity of thought and culture, intellectual freedom and equal opportunity. Academic integrity was added to the values statement in 2000.

Board Adopted Mission and Values (2000)


The University of Northern Colorado (the University) shall be a comprehensive baccalaureate and specialized graduate research university with selective admission standards. The University shall offer a comprehensive array of baccalaureate programs and master’s and doctoral degrees primarily in the field of education. The University has statewide authority to offer graduate programs for the preparation of educational personnel.


The University believes that its distinctive service to society can only be offered in a student-centered atmosphere of integrity that is grounded in honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. For this reason, the University is committed to promoting an environment in which:

  1. academic integrity is valued and expected;
  2. excellence is sought and rewarded;
  3. teaching and learning flourish;
  4. diversity of thought and culture is respected;
  5. intellectual freedom is preserved; and
  6. equal opportunity is afforded